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What a racket. Laing E14 Spa Circulation Pump 230V (Free shipping) $ 2,450.00 Shipping calculated at checkout. $139.99, Sale Price $100.00, Regular Price: * $9.88 standard shipping within the contiguous United States. Length: 155mm x Height: 165mm x Width: 105mm. Brand Laing MPN E14-NSTN2W-10, E14NSTN2W10 Ean 0733886733488 GTIN 0733886733488 UPC 0733886733488 eBay Product ID (ePID) 4034757417 Dimensions Weight 1.81kg Additional Product Features Custom Bundle No Length (in.) X400825 - Master Spas - Laing Thermotech Circ Pump E14-NSTNDNN2W-02 230/240v 50/60hz Starting 2009 See more product reviews Thomas L - 11/16/2021 Expensive but fair Expensive but the only place that had it in stock Share This X400825 - Master Spas - Laing Thermotech Circ Pump E14-NSTNDNN2W-02 230/240v 50/60hz Starting 2009 See more product reviews Documentation. $579.00, Regular Price: It was delivered in a couple days as well. Can pump be removed from bracket and turned 45deg? New Laing Hi-Flo Circulation Pump, E14 Model E14-NSTNDNN2W-01, 220V with 1.5" threaded fitting, and 4ft Amp Cord. 1.5 x 1.5 buttress Model: E14-NSTNNN2W-10 This pump is a compact submersible centrifugal water pump with buttress threads for the inlets. Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2021. Maximum Temperature: 140 F $999.99 The Laing E-14 circulation pump is compact and lightweight, less than 5 lbs. Has no mechanical seal. Your search for "Laing Thermotech E14 Nstndnn2W 02" returned the following results. Intake Type Threaded. Laing Part No - E14-NSTNDNN2W-02. The old E14 was 6.3" overall length and this LX Pump WE14 is 3.5" longer so check that you have space towards the rear of your old motor.50/60 hz, $129.00, Regular Price: Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022. $139.99, Sale Price EVERY 30 POINTS EARNED IS I purchased this pump for our Spa Pool to replace the circulator pump (Whirlpool JA35) that was failing. Home; About Us; Search Catalog . Nameplate Voltage 230V AC. High density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life Laing E14-NST2NW-10, Circulation Pump, 230v, 50/60Hz, 1.5" Buttress Thread, 4' Cord. Laing E14-NST2NW-10, Circulation Pump, 230v, 50/60Hz, 1.5" Buttress Thread, 4' Cord View Details . The Laing E-14 is specifically designed for water circulation and is sealed with captured O-ring design for the best possible seal. . It is used by several spa manufacturers, including Dimension One, Sundance, Master Spas and Hot Spring. Specifications Voltage: 220-240V Wattage: 115W Gallons Per Minute: 36 GPM Plumbing: 1.5" plumbing (2.375" O.D. We are sorry. Master Spas Part Number: X400825 Dimensions. E-14 circulation pump is now used in many new applications with dry-run protection circuitry. 707-586-9999. Part # 6050U5014. Max Head: 10.5 The E14 model has 1 " buttress connections and is powered by only 230 VAC. Can be used to replace most older 230 volt models of E14 pumps. LAING THERMOTECH HVAC Circulating Pump, 1/150 hp, 115, 1 Phase,.. aka X400825 - Spa Pump - Laing Circulation Pump, 230/240v Starting 2009. Domestic or international (Export) 50/60Hz Fits well in most spas. $189.00., Laing E14 Spa Circulating Pump 1-1/2"MBT 240V. laing thermotech e14 nstndnn2w 10aiken county sc register of deeds laing thermotech e14 nstndnn2w 10 . Discharge Rotation Yes. (Pump Unions are sold separately) PLEASE ALSO SEE LINK TO THE 15-973-2014 LX WE14 CIRCULATION PUMP AS THE ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT OPTION WITH LOWER PRICING. For spas with 2-8 seats, and that don't have a heat pump. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. $129.00, Regular Price: It is whisper quiet and highly efficient requiring only 115 Watts of power. It looks like WhatsApp is not installed on your phone. All motors come with a 90-day warranty from the day of purchase. Hot tub warehouse was easy to deal with, shipping was fast and free! Limit ONE (1) per customer, per order, due to very limited supply. ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. 73348 / X400825 / 73229 / 37749 Master Spas LA Spas - EL-64109 Clearwater Spas. If you need the In.Link connector, click here 21-0009-19. This whisper quiet circ pump is highly efficient and requires only 115 watts of power. Please try again later. Verified Buyer I know the pump runs 24/7 But i think They are not made to last. Product Description Artesian Spas, Island Spas E14 Laing Circulation Pump AMP Cord 40 GPM 50HZ / 60HZ This is the 24 hour circulation pump used in various spa models for Artesian Spas and Island Spas. The motors are likely good but something in the connections or wiring is flaky. This pump is supplied with the same size (1-1/2") pipe fittings. Copyright 2021 My Spa Parts Store, All Rights Reserved - Powered by NationalWeb. Part # LMB07102983. $493.99 $339.88. If you, the customer, return a motor back to Master Hot Tub Parts you, said customer, are responsible for the shipping cost. E14-NSTNDNN2W-02. Our only mistake was not purchasing a hot tub sooner! The E14 consumes 40% less power than standard circulation pumps with 48 frame induction motors. Laing E-14 Circulation Pump, 230 Volt. | Brand GOULDS WATER TECHNOLOGY. Thank you, The spa itself is wonderful. OEM part number 6080U0014. All Laing Thermotech; Laing D5 Solar ecocirc; Laing E10 NEW; Laing E14 NEW; Laing E3 NEW; Laing E5; Laing SM303; Laing SM1212NH-19; Laing SM1212NH-21; Laing SM1212NH-26; Laing SM1212NT-26; Laing SM909NH-14 ; Laing SM909NH-18; Laing SM909NH-26; Laing SM909NT-14 ; Laing SM909NT-18; Laing E14 Circulation Pump 6080U0014 - 230 Volt - 73348. Since it is what we needed to have our spa heat, it is a terrific unit!! Less noise (end 48 Frame growl) Please note thatMy Spa Parts Store does not offer technical support for the purchase of parts, installation, etc. The E14 is one of our favourite pumps. 230 Volt 0.45 Amps 110 Watts 50/60 Hz, 2100RPM Dry Run Protection. Replacement Pump For Other Part Numbers: X400825, 73348, 73229, 37749 E14-NSTN2W-10 E14-NSTNDNN2W-02 LMB07102983 . Easily search to find what you are looking for. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Exact replacement for a failed continuous flow pump on Hot Tub. Endless pools has a unique harness with a unique model series. Laing E-14 Circulation Pump, 230 Volt. Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2023. The Laing E-14 L73348 circulation pump is compact and lightweight, less than 5 lbs. A: Electronically commutated This pump is made by Goulds Water Technology HydroMaster E14 Spa Circulating Pump 1-1/2" MBT 240V. | pump threads) Wet End Discharge Orientation: Top Overall Length: 5-3/4" Laing Reference: E14-NSTN2W-10, E14-NSTNNN2W-10, E14NSTN2W10, E14NSTNNN2W10 Union Connections: There is NO return on any electrical items including but not limited to circuit boards, topside controls or heaters. This circ pump has an AMP connector plug. Note I had to remove (re-cock would have worked) the bracket since the equipment cover would have conflicted with the bracket. include_in_google: 1 Customers also viewed. Suite #2 Replacement Pump For Other Part Numbers: X400825, 73348, 73229, 37749. Thank you. We love it, I got the tub hooked up yesterday and got in it this a.m. It is whisper quiet and highly efficient requiring only 115 Watts of power. Orders under $115 will incur a shipping cost of $14. Kaysville, UT 84037, Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved. I Heart Hot Tubs & Pools Features bonding lug atop motor body. Adding to cart category.add_cart_announcement, This is the latest version available from Master Spas, This pump is made by Goulds Water Technology, This is a Genuine OEM Direct Replacement Master Spa Part, Master Spa - CLSEPRSET - Clarity & Healthy Living EPR Filter Set - X268548 - PMA-R3 and PMA-EPR - X268532, Master Spa - PUMPCORD - Pump Cord 14 Gauge #4 Wire AMP (R/B/W/G), No Longer Available - Master Spa - X268513 - PMA-EP4-SK - TS/120/240 and 2010 Down East Eco Pur Filter, Master Spa - X232588 - 2 inch Diverter Handle Starting (2008 to 2009), Master Spa - X245370 - DSG 6-Spoke Waterfall Diverter Assembly Starting 2009, NLA X320057 - Master Spas 240V 60Hz Ozone Generator (Refer to X320049), No Longer Available -X320534 - Spa Pump - H2X Circulation Pump BWG .62 Amp 50/60Hz 240V( Replaced by pump x320544), CS 743, CS 742, CS 866C, CS 862C, CS 742L, Cape Cod 2, Windsor 2, Exeter 2, Portsmouth 2, East Hampton 2, Exeter 3, Cape Cod 3, Cape Cod SE, Exeter SE, Windsor 3, Windsor SE, Portsmouth 3, Portsmouth SE, East Hampton SE, Windsor 3 STS, Somerset, Windsor SE STS, Windsor STS, HL 8.5, HL 8, HL 7.5, HL 7, HL 630L, HL 624L, HL 740L, LSX 800, LSX 850, LSX 700, LSX, LSX 1000, LSX 1050, LSX 800 STS, LSX 850 STS, LSX 1000 STS, LSX 1050 STS, LSX 557, LSX Solar, LSX 900, MP LSX 900, MP LSX 800, MP LSX 700, TS 67.25, TS MP, TS 8.3, TS 8.2, TS 7.2, TS 7.1, TS 6.2, TS 6.1, TS 240, TS Fit, TS 8.35, TS 8.25, TS 7.25, TS 7.15, TS 67.15, TS 87.3. Replacement for: 73229, 37749. viewed from the motor end Motor Comes With 1.5 Inch Buttress Unions And Amp Cord. - 54218-Z, Jacuzzi - Air Control & On/Off Panel, Complete Kit (White) - G107940, HydroQuip - Immersion Heater, Baptistry, 1.5kW, 115v - BIS-15-120-GF, Get 150 watts of performance for only 108 watts of power, 40% more efficient than standard induction motors, Open Impeller - Resistant to Clogging 1/150 hp; X. The E14 model has the largest run out flow of the E series at 36 GPM. Cord Length 4 ft. All Laing Thermotech Pumps & Motors Products Laing Thermotech Clear All Filters 1/40HP, 115V, 3/4"MPT, 15GPM, 4ft Cord, Laing, E10 Series Circulation Pump SKU: 80105 MPN: 74009 UPC: 733886740097 Regular Price: $289.95 $277.50 In Stock PPI: 230 1/40HP, 115V, .95A, 3/4"B, 15GPM, 4ft Cord, Laing E10 Series Circulation Pump This is definitely a very good pump. Quick delivery and pump works fine. Horsepower 1/8 hp. The delivery was impressive, Our hot tub was delivered just before Christmas, and it was the best gift to our family! All rights reserved.Maintained by SMS Ad Agency. This category contains Laing Thermotech Series pumps. This pump is supplied with the same size (1-1/2") pipe fittings. Built in DRY RUN protection is programmed into the software to help eliminate motor and pump damage if the pump is ran without water, when not sufficiently primed, or is air locked. Topside (Free LED Light!) It is whisper quiet and highly efficient requiring only 115 Watts of power. BX4223. $469.89, Sale Price Max Capacities: 36 GPM Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2020. Laing Circulation Pump - E14, 230V, 50/60Hz, 1.5" Threaded Buttress. Finally, the warranty was the same that Endless pools gives for replacement parts (1 year). Quick View. When replacing one of the original style pumps with the new style it will be necessary to run a copper wire from the pump bonding lug (Shown in Pictures) to the grounding bar located on the spa control pack We have the newest version of the pump: Goulds Water Technology Laing Thermotech E14-NSTNDNN2W-02 Laing Thermotech 6080U0015, Shipping Weight: 3.75 lbs. Helps with CEC title 20 compliance. laing thermotech e14 nstndnn2w 10. laing thermotech e14 nstndnn2w 10. Product details Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No Product Dimensions : 16.51 x 13.34 x 16.51 cm; 1.59 Kilograms Date First Available : May 27 2015 $265.00, Sale Price The pump is fine and it was a pleasant surprise to find that it had a long enough cord to reach the spa pack. but that wa jut luck as the description didnt include the cord length. I have a spare in the garage and the cord on it was 80 inches. Comes With 1.5 Inch Buttress Unions And Amp Cord. Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2018. The pump bracket also is cocked 90 degrees off from this version. Search this site: The Spa Works . All orders for part number X400825 will be filled with the latest version of this redesigned circulation pump. Duty Cycle Continuous. BX4202. Repair Nut for Pump Union Coupling 1-1/2 inch PVC Pipe Size - sold individually one repair nut assembly. Plumbing: 1.5 plumbing (2.375" O.D. Please try again later. View Details. Features 1-1/2" MBT Pump Intake and Discharge Includes 4' power cord and Mounting Bracket. 1/3 the weight (less than 4 lbs) The E10 Circulation Pump is lightweight, whisper quiet and compact. and uses 40% less power than standard circulation pumps with 48 frame induction motors. If you are replacing a Laing pump of the same style it should work. Also, hydromaster models are available. E3 Laing Circulation Pump 10-0126 Replaces SM-303-NHT. It only uses 115W of power. $100.00, Regular Price: We stock both 115v and 230 volt Laing hot tub pumps. Pump, Circulation, Aqua-Flo CMHP, 1/15hp, 230v, 1-1/2" Side Discharge. Water Circulation $419.89, 2023 - Spa Supplies USA, LLC - 888-933-3466, Salt Systems, Ozonators, Cleaners & Sanitizers, WPB Salt Systems, Ozonators, Cleaners & Sanitizers, Pool Salt Systems, Ozonators, Cleaners & Sanitizers, 2023 - Spa Supplies USA, LLC - 888-933-3466, Jacuzzi - Air Control, Dual Air Control Kit, White - 8241940-KIT, Balboa - Circuit Board, Balboa VS100, Digital Duplex, Pump1, 8 Pin Phone Style Connector, 115v/230v - 56299, LX pumps - E-14 Circulation Pump Replacement, LX WE14, 1/4HP, 230V, 1-1/2" In/Out - 10-WE14-240, Balboa - Control System, 54218, VS510SZ, 5.5kW System w/Serial Std. Additional features like its open impeller and embedded microprocessor control make it resistant to clogs and protect against dry running The Laing circulation pump X400825 has been redesigned by the manufacturer to increase it's reliability. POINTS. We won't add your friend's name to our email list unless they choose to sign up. The Laing circulation pump X400825 has been redesigned by the manufacture to increase the reliability. The cord was 3 ft. and my masterspa takes a 6ft cord . E14-NSTNDNN2W-03. 230V/240V 50/60hz Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Maximum Flow Rate @ 10 Foot of Head Product Type: Hot Tub Circulation Pump. I did have to swap the phase and neutral wires over though. Just a bit of moisture in the wrong place can trip the GFCI. | Topside (Free LED Light!) Whisper quiet operation. Filter & Sort. Connections. Moisture is the enemy with the GFCI. Designed and created by Anoli Media, Great customer service, we appreciate it. In Stock (2) Add To Cart. Q: This clever little pump has no spindle, so it is almost impossible for the water to leak from the wet end into the motor. in a 7x7x7 inch Box, X278955 - Laing Adapter 1-1/2" FBT X 2" MBT With O-Ring Groove. The model number was slightly different than the one on my pool so I contacted the pump manufacturer (Laing). Here is a cost savings replacement option for the Laing E14 Pump: LX pumps - Circulation Pump, LX WE14, 1/4HP, 230V, 1-Speed, 1.6A, 1-1/2" In/Out - 10-WE14-240, Manufacturer: Master Spas, LA Spas, Clearwater Spas, Applications: Water Circulation Liquid Transfer Ozone Treatment Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Circulation General Purpose Pumping Not Variable Speed Specifications Pump Max Capacities: 36 GPM Max Head: 10.5 Union Connections: 1 Buttress Threads Suction and Discharge Maximum Working Pressure: 50 PSI Maximum Temperature: 140 F Rotation: counter clockwise when viewed from the motor end Motor Electronically Commutated AC/DC/AC Spherical Motor Canned Spherical Type Motor 230 Volt 0.45 Amps 110 Watts 50/60 Hz, 2100RPM Automatic Overload Protection Low In-Rush Current Dry Run Protection , Identical to part numbers: LMB07102983, 733886733488,10-0107 , 7.33887E+11 , 73348 , 9338-40 , LHB07100142 , LHB07102983 , LMB07102983 , X400825. $265.00, Sale Price . 25% restocking on all returns within 30 days. The Laing Series E14 is a highly effective and virtually silent spa pump that delivers optimum performance. 2.36" ID threads. Lasted over a year. Product Details. Waterway Tiny Might Circulating Pump 1" MBT/1/2"SS 120V. I ordered this pump to replace the circulation pump on my Endless pool. Its motor has a low in-rush current and is 40% more efficient than standard induction motors. It flows 40 GPM with a single speed, 230Volts and 115 Watts and a 48" AMP style cord. If you need assistance in finding what you need, please complete our CONTACT US form at the top of our website. Aluminum Bronze Ceramic . Free standard shipping to US contiguous 48 states for $100+ merchandise total. Pump Laing E14 1-1/2-Inch Buttress Thread Circulation Spa Pump, 230-Volt Brand: Laing 96 ratings About this item 1 1/2" MPT Thread Suction Connection Size 1 1/2" MPT Thread Discharge Connection Size 115 Watts, 48 Amps, 50/60hz Easy to install 4.1 Value for money 2.8 See all reviews Customers also search laing circulation pump x400825 laing e14 pump Pool Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. I've recommended your business to several friends. Only lasted over a year. Specifications 6 years ago, Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon.