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With a heavy sigh Rafiki looked at both parents as they waited for an answer. The Puma, the leopards, the Orly. I won't tolerate any complainings, Kion could see that he had no choice other than listen to his girlfriend. Said Jasiri. I nudged my head into him and purred in relief. As Kion finished his snack, Taka walked out of the den as his eyes adjusted to the lighter darkness. The Lion Guard comes out of the Lair to go patrolling. Kion whimpered. I think that is for the best. ", With a shug Taka slowly made his way over to the piece of meat. " This story is on FanFiction.Net One night, he had a dream. Is he going to make it?!" It's so big! Everyone noted how distressed he was, and how his left leg appeared to dangle as the cheetah ambled with the group towards the home of all the lions- most specifically, Kion's parents. Lilly jumped and ran. Go meet him.". A sequel trilogy to The Journey of Kion and Kopa. Kion yelled through the dark den, his mouth still holding on to the meat. "why did you say that, and how would you know such a thing" she asked. The Leeire Of The Pride Lands When Zuri journeyed to the mudpots with Bunga, Kiara, Kion, and Tiifu, they got trapped in a ring of fire set by Scar's minions. The sun had set long ago, and with it, another day had ended, only for the Guard, it had been their toughest day yet. Other than them and Rafiki's apprentice, Makini, everyone was now asleep. Lilly kicked Scar. And they're surrounding her! "Let them go please!" Scar fell in the river. "sure, I hope they don't disturb others with their game" I said. I I can't." why did dad have to go. With that Kion and Taka walked side by side, towards the horizon. Simba lifeted kiara up and pushed her to safety into her mothers paws. "SIMBA" cried Nala. Read task from the story Tree Of Life (Kion And Rani) by KionxRani319 (lionguard) with 710 reads. But their parents were nowhere to be seen. I wouldn't have it any other way.". The Lion Guard: Rescuing Kiara is a fanfiction story created by Florencia86. NO! With tears of joy Nala happily put the cub down to nuzzle him. Kion squeaked. Asked Kion. Lilly walked over. But soon a loud roar interrupted the beautiful moment. " "he's getting the fruit back, but I don't think it's a good idea" he replied. And I didn't even know how" he replied a little scared. Kion put his head down. After nearly surviving his own birth Kion grew up with a friend only he could see. -Kiara: (sighs) Thanks, Rafiki. Mostly bones but also a few rotting around freshly added bodies. Or something can happen to Kiara. Rafiki please! I got up on the cliff and walked to Pride rock. Nala rubbed her head under Simba's, making any feeling of doubt go away. This is just a random story what came up in my head, so I decided to type Recreation of my first story on my first account. Careful, Bunga, not so loud, please. Kiara, Nala and Simba Continued to the elephant celebration. Kion's heart is very weak!". " This is a cross post on so ya. Simba yelled. At first Taka would come here alone, but once Kion begged him to take him along he begrudgingly agreed. soothed Jasiri. "No!" "now kion, go and assemble the guard, because I don't think those hyanas will be gone for long" I added. 6. #thelionking. Ono do you see anything? If you don't like what my crazy, chaotic imagination c Rexy has never been in love before but in this story she will fall in love with one of her enemy's. Then we love him, Simba." But as long as his family loves him-" Nala nuzzled her head into Simba lush mane. " She looked up and saw everyone had left. "Kion if you have anything you want to talk about, don't be afraid to come to me ok?" "what happened" "are you OK" or "lezi, your shoulder. Lilly put her paw out but she fell. Kion for short." Lion Guard, Mystery of the roar by ZombieChameleon 22.6K 229 31 This is a fan made after the lion guard season 3 and this does not continue the season of the lion guard, all rights reserved to Disney Kion has became king of the tree. Completed thelionguard lions ongoing +14 more # 5 Kion and Kiara: Forever Together by KionTheLeader 12.1K 188 17 "bunga, fuli, ono, beshte and me of course" kion replied. Simba was of course happy about the news, but a little worried how Kiara would take it. Kiara ran ahead to get a head start but then the ground started to shake adn a crack open up. Ono: Everyone! Kiara & Kion (The Lion King) Kion (The Lion King) Kiara (The Lion King) Tiifu (The Lion King) Zuri (The Lion King) Brother/Sister Incest; Bathroom Sex; Strap-Ons; Pegging; Lesbian Sex; Foursome - F/F/F/M; Cowgirl Position; Doggy Style; Rough Sex; Spanking; Couch Sex; Bedroom Sex; Multiple Orgasms; Orgasm; Nudity; Shower Sex; Summary. Beshte offered to carring them back to there clan base. After . Kion woke up gasping for air and sweating, he noticed everyone was still asleep but he was too shaken up so he walked out to the entrance. You can't tell me, no US, that Scar is in Kion!" And she's fine. Said Nala, crying. season4, tlk, lionking. The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Very smart of you princess." "Ok" Kion said sleepily as the two lions slept both smiling as they rested on the edge of Pride Rock snuggling together. She said as she pushed him down the stairwell. the guard snuck into the outlands and Bunga peaked over a rock and motioned to Jasiri that the guard was here. I'm not I'm not like Scar" "Kion" the cub turn his head to see his father approaching him. When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several . Simba roared, angry at the mere mention of his wretched uncle's name. " A dim light came through the clouds as the winds down. If he succeeds there now doubt the length he will go to be king. Kion started to paw Taka's paws, trying to wake up his best friend. Reirei: Aww we haven't done anything wrong.. Reirei: Geez you sure don't look like yourself! Kion yelped leaving Taka's paws. dad asked. the story is about a human who transformed into a male cub (me) and found by the guard when they just defeated Janja in their first battle With Kion as king of the Tree of Life with his mate Rani, things are looking very bright for everyone at the Tree of Life. Scar can tanut, and corrupt our son all he wants. Guys you heard him let's go! A fanfiction based upon fanart by Credens-Vita on Deviantart Chapter 1 Yet another adventure of the Lion Guard had come to an end. Kiara said with pride, as she little poked her brother. " "it's OK, we're here now" mom said, while dad lyed behind me and pulled me closer. Then it's them" I quickly interrupted. Simba wasn't going to make it. + The two felines walked away slowly. Kion asked Ono. But that wasn't going to be some until sometime. " -Kion: Yeah. When he landed the meal he was holding ploped in front of a sleeping lion. Simba laid his head down with Kion in his paws who rested his head on his dad's mane like pillow. Right!" Fuli comforts Bunga. Kion roared and the hyenas flew back. "No hyenas enter on my domain!" Rafiki brought Kion down and checked for his pulse. " At first Taka hated having Kion bug him during his alone time, even if he was the only animal who could see him. Kiara starts to sob uncontrollablly. They all ran over to the edge of the sink hole. But I am not only the king but my daughters father, and even if their is the slightest chance that Kion will become like Scar then-". " With a sad but understanding sigh, Kiara took one last look at her brother. " With a sigh Rafiki picked up his staff, and headed towards the steps. " Then she looked over Janja's shoulder and notice two other Hyena cubs being dragged in By Cheezi and Nne. Kion ran and saw a group of female cubs. It means that Kion will never be alone. "KION!" Someone yelled. "I loved him so much." It overlooked the Pride Lands, and it made the sky fell so close that you can practical touce the stars. His name was Taka. Two Long Years Later that night there was a ceremony for King Simba. komradio lastbil motorola; grs under protest webbkryss. Mom?" I'm sorry." Carefully make his way over the other lioness. Though he had never seen her before. "Move Lilly!" You use the roar better than Scar did. "but how, I only used it once. "A honey badger, an egret, a cheetah, a hippo, and a lion. Although it came as a shock, that when Kion first opened his eyes, the right was an orangey-red, the left was a bright eerie green. ", With a sigh Simba patted Kion's head, who gained a growl from Taka. " Rafiki please just tell us who it is!". Let get you home." when she finds the pridelands A mysterious new lioness? 3 hyenas were sneaking up on him. In this case it was a blessing, neither parent could bare the thought of Kiara hearing the news. Said Nala. The girls giggled. Said Chelsea, as she hugged him. After the defeat of W Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Kion Story). "And that's what I'm going to do. The Upendi Celebration -Fuli: We have to hurry. Neglected, abused, over worked and under appreciated. But to other his name was Scar. But most surprisingly his tail tip color was a bright burning red, like his grandfather. " I'm uhh..Asha. You going.? tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, These are Characters from The Lion King. Mom started licking my wounds to make sure It would stop bleeding. Kion: Might look like that but I can still fight alright. Simab couldn't move as he tried to study his breathing. Can I help!?" Are you alright" but I ignored them, thinking of the horror I saw 30 minutes ago. I think there names are Wema and Tunu. Replied Simba. Kik used the roar of the elders and blew away the hyanas, but unfortunately me too. His name was Taka. As the wind blows between the infant's fur he smiled widely at the vast land before him. -Beshte: You two! Simba warmly said nuzzling his daughter. All kinds of moments in the Lion Guard. Taka the sun up." Kion, Bunga, and Fuli are seperated from the rest of their team after a suprise attack from a clan of fire lions. She stroked the sobbing cubs heads as ther crying slowly died out. "heh heh heh, if you don't get up. Chapter 1, a lion guard fanfic | FanFiction "Kion, what happened?" King Simba's facial expression was stern, perhaps sterner than he'd ever looked before, and young Kion looked at his feet in shame. I love you Taka, promise you be my friend for ever? Kion walked back up to Pride Rock. Is dad okay? He will get to live! Cried Kiara. Leaving Rafiki and Kion alone. Just in case people still want to old version for some reason. You are kind, caring and thoughtful. If I know you mother, she is one of the strongest lions I know. We have to save my sister. I love you, Kiara. Where are. "Oh! While Kion sees nothing wrong with him it cases a rift in Kion's family life. Both smiling widely as the sky shone brightly with stars, as the colors of the sun began to break through. " I woke up again to some screams from mom, dad and Kiara. 2 Whatever It Takes A Lion Guard Fanfiction Kion26 3 Chapter 1: Leaving Kion was walking around the tree of life. Lilly roared. Besides if if he's gone he won't be alone, like Rafiki said Scar will always be with him. She runs towards him. The Roar sends away Mzingo and his vultures. or will it? That may be so, or that could mine nothing. please get up. there fine..i think but, they hurt. Kion loves, respects, and cares for his father a lot. Name's Chelsea!" Said a desperate Fuli. Rafiki explained. " "LILLY!" With powers similar to the roar? Simba looked at the peacefully cub, some love he had felt for Kion was replaced by the hate he felt for Scar. " These are Characters from The Lion King. Please consider turning it on! I landed in a graveyard of lions and hyenas, with fresh bodies" I said with tears in my eyes. Taka wake up!" So I see no problem" I said. "Well you can tell me later about it but know you must rest" she said. If I eat now I won't finish my breakfast. Kion releases Mzingo and he calls his parliament. But, how many days will I be with this? The party carfully went down except Kiara and Kion. Part 1 of G Friend Group Stories Language: English Words: 3,994 Chapters: 1/1 1 Kudos: 1 Hits: 2 Once we meet back up with the rest of our Pride they'll guard Tama and Sharka closely while Rafiki examines Kopa and Jasiri. As Kion dug in Taka rolled his eyes, but also grew a small grin. Simba is Kion's father and (former) king. Kion got the edge of Pride Rock and sat down looking at the ground scared and nervous of becoming like Scar "I'm not like Scar. The great kings told me of an ancient ritual one I thought was lost in history." The Lion Guard stood there, gazing out over the horizon. Said Kiara, as she walked with Lilly. exclaimed Jasiri. Kion sung in his head. "Go say hi!" "Hi! Taka stopped as the little cub caught his breath. " With a long sigh Taka ,very slowly, teasing Kion as he went for the meat. Years later a threat to the Prideland find out what happends( ) ", With the a smile, Taka nuzzled Kion. " exclaimed Ono. Finale his cubbish resistance ran out as he quickly took the slab back and bit into it. Is he really dead? Kion has a crush. "Kion" the cub stopped nuzzling to look at his father who stared at him back "The roar is a part of who you are. Is mommy going to alright?" Daddy!" Kiara did the same. Simba sniped out of his head argument as he felt Kiara rub her head agust his leg to get his attention. kion has a strong connection to the lions of the past. I do requests. Asked Simba, worriedly. "I think its time we go to bed!" Makucha leans in to talk face to face with the lion, Before Kion could do anything he was knocked out by Makucha and it all went to black. We give him something that Scar never felt ,love. The two fell in love in that same jungle, and Nala fought for Simba in . I hope you recover soon from that pain. JAsiri told th eguard how Wema and Tunu burned ther paws. Kion sadly admitted. " He steps a back and he roars at them. -Kion: Come on, guys. In this story, Kion and Rani meet in a different way. Unable to escape, the friends took shelter in an aardvark burrow and searched desperately for a way out. The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar Simba is shown atop Pride Rock teaching his daughter, Kiara, about how to rule the Pride Lands as the future queen. The roar will one day convince you Kion. My voice isn't what it used to be after all these years." Time to patrol the Pride Lands. "Gasp!" Lilly was cornered. "These are my friends: Bella, Emily, and Crystal!" You must understand my queen. Ohh very well. Kion ran and saw a group of female cubs. What are you two waiting for? Nala monkling asked with a grin on her face. " Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance By: KionTheLeader. Nala cried into her mates mane, tears already dripping from her face. Kion: Don't worry Fuli. Nala commanded her voice stronger and feral " I hate Scar as much as you do, but like it or not, your son will get to see the sunrise. Simba paced back and forth outside the den, his face a mix of excitement and dread, as heart stopping groins, pants, and screams came from the den. But he didn't notice that the King of the Pridelands had also woken up and noticed his son leaving. eben if you had stayed there would be nother you could have done. Kion, leader of the Lion Guard is constantly being compared to his sister, Kiara, by Simba. Will they stop them in t Three different worlds, yet they all share the same destiny. Yesterday you had to borrow from your chums, Seems the promise of tomorrow never comes. Said Bunga in disbalief. It can't be. I would think the great kings didn't let him become a star.