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At WorkNest, we focus on quality, not the number of people in teams. This is the main principle of our company and it is something we stand by at every stage of the interview process.

Recruiters communicate with potential candidates to see if they possess the hard skills required for the role. Direct communication with the client helps us gage whether the candidate is able to cope with the flow of tasks and is a good fit for the team.

If you’re a hard worker with good communication skills, then we want you! Apply now and let us know why you’re perfect for the role.

What Makes an Ideal Candidate for WorkNest Clients?

WorkNest places a high emphasis on quality, not quantity. This means that we are meticulous in our selection process and take the time to assess hard and soft skills.

Our recruiters are the first point of contact with candidates, and they are responsible for assessing communication skills. Are candidates able to clearly communicate their needs and desires? Can they listen attentively and take feedback?

Direct communication with clients is also crucial. Can candidates handle multiple tasks simultaneously and adapt to the team’s workflow? Do they have the necessary skills to be successful in the role?

We take the time to assess these qualities so that we can ensure a good fit for both the client and the candidate.

Hard Skills and Soft Skills We Look For

We look for individuals with both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the specific abilities and knowledge required to do a job. For example, a web developer would need to have hard skills in coding, design, and website administration.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are more about how you work with others. They’re the personal qualities that help you succeed in your career. Things like teamwork, problem-solving, and communication are all soft skills.

Some people might think that hard skills are more important than soft skills. But we believe that both are necessary for a successful career. That’s why we look for both when we’re hiring new employees.

Advantages of Working With WorkNest Clients

When you work with WorkNest clients, you know that the emphasis is on quality, not the number of people in teams. This is a key principle of our company, and we pay special attention to it at each stage of the interview process.

We start by assessing candidates’ communication skills with our recruiters. Can they keep up with the flow of tasks and adapt to the team? Next, we move on to direct communication with the client. Do they have the skills and attitude necessary to deliver quality work? Only then do we make a decision about whether to extend an offer.

The bottom line is that when you work with WorkNest, you can be sure that you’re partnering with a company that values quality over quantity.

Preparing for the Interview

To make sure the candidate is the right fit for your team, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. First, take some time to consider the hard and soft skillsets you’re looking for. Think about what role you’re hiring for and which particular abilities would make someone excel in that job. This can help you set criteria for assessing a potential candidate.

Next, create a list of questions to ask potential candidates so that you can assess their knowledge and skills in preparation for the interview. Communication is key! It’s essential to find out how well employees communicate with each other on the initial call. That way, you can get an idea if they will be comfortable working with your team in the future.

Finally, arrange with the recruiter dates and times for interviews before actually starting them so everyone is well prepared. 

Working With Remote Teams: Tips and Tricks

It is critical for a candidate to be able to work effectively in remote teams. Working from home is common nowadays, so it’s important to make sure the person you hire is comfortable and can adapt well to their new environment.

Try to look for signs that the candidate is familiar with project management tools, such as Asana or Trello, or check if they are tech-savvy when it comes to incorporating Slack and Zoom into their workflow. You should also consider if the person has any methods of staying organized and productive while working remotely, like creating an effective workspace or setting boundaries with family members.

Moreover, make sure they are aware of the importance of clear communication while working remotely. Don’t hesitate to ask the candidate questions regarding communication strategies like setting deadlines and responding quickly to messages, as having an effective communication system in place will be vital for success when collaborating with remote teams.

Benefits of Long-Term Partnership With an IT Company

When starting a long-term partnership with an IT company, there are many benefits for both the client and the company. Firstly, the company can provide an ongoing assessment of the candidate’s skills so that they can be improved through training and workshops. This allows for continuous development of the candidate further increasing their skillset and their value to the team. Secondly, there is increased motivation from an IT company to keep their client satisfied because it benefits them in terms of their reputation and future business opportunities. Thirdly, the IT company can be a great resource for advice and assistance when it comes to developing new software or initiatives within a project or team. Finally, having support from an IT company makes it easier to compensate employees, manage projects and handle other administrative tasks that would normally be left up to the client organization itself.


At WorkNest, we believe that the quality of a team, not the number of people in it, is the key to success. That’s why we pay special attention to hard and soft skills during the interview process. We want to make sure that each candidate is able to cope with the flow of tasks and adapt to the team.

We have a long-term partnership philosophy and work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are always met. If you’re looking for an IT company that values quality over quantity, WorkNest is the right choice for you.

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