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UII Summit 2022 in Poland
On December 14, 2022, the sixth annual Ukrainian-Israeli innovation summit took place in the building of the Warsaw Stock Exchange with the participation of the Embassy of Israel.
Usable Ukrainian folklore or how to stay alive while working remotely?
Eight working hours that seem endless, a mountain of tasks that only grows, comfortable workouts that have already merged with you at the molecular level, a warm bed from which it is so difficult to get up in the morning…
About WorkNest clients and how the war in Ukraine affected it
You’ve heard about the WorkNest story and how we help businesses hire top software engineering specialists. We want to keep you updated on what’s happening with our partners and clients.
How WorkNest opened an office in Poland during the first months of war in Ukraine
You have probably heard about the war in Ukraine. It’s been going on for almost a year now. And, as with all wars, it has had a devastating effect on the economy. But we, at WorkNest, are trying to do our part to help.
An ideal candidate for WorkNest clients
At WorkNest, we focus on quality, not the number of people in teams. This is the main principle of our company and it is something we stand by at every stage of the interview process.
What benefits specialists and clients get by working with WorkNest
You’re an ambitious professional who’s looking for the next step in your career. You’ve heard great things about WorkNest, and you’re intrigued. We’re excited to tell you more about what we can offer you.
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