Usable Ukrainian folklore or how to stay alive while working remotely?

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Eight working hours that seem endless, a mountain of tasks that only grows, comfortable workouts that have already merged with you at the molecular level, a warm bed from which it is so difficult to get up in the morning…

Do you recognize yourself? Then we suggest you remember some very cool Ukrainian proverbs that can be adapted to the modern realities of our lives. WorkNest Team Lead Elizaveta talks about her own experience of remote work.

“It’s hard to carry, and it’s a shame to throw it away”

If you put on a serious face and Google “how to motivate yourself while working at home?”, you will most likely get the answer “draw a serious boundary between work and home, turn your home into an office and perceive it as a workplace.” Based on my own experience, I will say that you will not go far on perception, because, no matter what, our brain perceives home as a place where we feel comfort, safety, rest. My solution: to find a symbiosis between “working” and “home” life. By changing my approach and perspective, I began to take work on the same priority of seriousness as ordinary household chores.

“Hour by hour – so the age will pass”

The approach of perceiving “work” and “home” as a single process helped me to manage life tasks mixed with work. It is very important to plan things for the day. After all, nothing prevents you between tasks and meetings to stop the clock for a few minutes and check the soup on the stove, or run the laundry, drive to Nova Poshta, or pamper your pet. Thus, after finishing work, you won’t have a lot of homework left, and it’s also a very cool option to give your brain a little time to rest. The main thing is to always be in the process, and time flies by faster.

“Our Horpina is beautiful even in a shawl”

A point about how important it is not to forget about the morning routine – when there is a plan, the day goes as it should. A good tip from the Internet regarding motivation is not to work in the clothes you slept in, so we wake up in the morning, make coffee or tea, wash our face and go to decorate the world. By the way, this applies not only to girls. The main point is not to rush to work as soon as you jump out of bed, give yourself 15 minutes for sports, to “think about life”, for breakfast, in the end. If you are an owl like me, then in the morning to wake up faster you can turn on mood music. Because after getting out of bed, I’m super slow.

“An hour pays, an hour wastes”

From my own experience – take care of your comfort and health, if you need a comfortable chair – do not spare your finances, because it will pay off one hundred percent in the near future. In general, organize a comfortable workplace for yourself, there are all the possibilities for this at home.

“The end praises the work”

At the end of the working day, do not forget to sum up: analyze your work today, write down some important conclusions, plan things for tomorrow. It motivates when you see that so many things have been done during the day, and you feel that you have worked productively. It is important to praise yourself and see the results of your work today, so that tomorrow you have a goal to continue this challenge.

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